New Formulation!! Whattt????

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Soapy Bathman Shave Soap gets a lot of love from all of my customers and for that I am thankful and so very appreciative.  The support I get from everyone is overwhelming and you all cause me to strive to be better and make different and better products.

One common thing I hear is that because my soap is a harder soap some people find it difficult to lather. Well if I was a big business that was concerned about profit I would cast those aside and continue on my course happy with the loyal customers I have.  Big business I am not though,  I am a small business, I am an artisan and this is my art and as an artist my passion is making my art the best I can make it.  Not to only keep my loyal, wonderful customers happy but also to make more people, new people just as happy.

Well after MONTH of research and development and NUMEROUS trials (as you can see below) I have finally come up with the perfect mix between a soap that lathers easily (for the future customers that found my soaps hard to lather) and the continued silky smooth post shave feel (for my existing wonderful loyal customers)


Currently there are 3 formulas listed right now ... the original formula which is the hard soap, There is a softer soap  in a couple scents but feedback I received was that it was an incredibly thirsty soap so I continued to research and came up with the final formula. The newest formula is identified as Shea Shave Soap. As soaps are sold and remade they will be remade with this new formula and any new scents that are introduced from this time forward will be made with the new formula as well.  


This is what being a small business and artisan is all about.  Listening, changing, improving and most of all caring. 

I am always open to hear from all of you and I will always listen to what you have to say.  You can either message me on my Facebook Page Soapy Bathman or you can email me at

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