Deodorant vs Antiperspirant

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Well you may know by now but Soapy Bathman is now making deodorant. During the many months of research and development to find a deodorant I came across some things that I wanted to pass onto you to give you an idea as to why I went on this journey to come up with a deodorant.

Firstly deodorant vs antiperspirant and why?

My testers when they got their products the first thing they asked me was "Is this a deodorant or antiperspirant?"  Its a deodorant and it will only ever be a deodorant and why is that you ask?  It is simple when you think about it, our bodies are designed to sweat that is how we cool off and also how we release the toxins in our body.  Antiperspirants block your body from releasing those toxins and if they can't be released then they have no where to go but back into your body and blood stream.  Does that sound healthy?  It certainly didn't to me and that is why it is only a deodorant.

The second part of my quest to make a natural deodorant is because I prefer using products with ingredients I can pronounce. The problem is that any natural deodorant I have tried in the past left me with a very unpleasant burning sensation that had me running to the shower to get it off my body within a minute, so I knew that being a tester for my own product was going to be a little painful but at least I knew that once i found a product that didn't burn me it meant it wouldn't bother others too.

 Hope this was informative and would love to hear what you think. Also pop on to my website and pick yourself up a tube of deodorant while you're at it.

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