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Well it has been WAYYYYYYYY to long since I have blogged but here I am!! To tell you all about my exciting new product. I have worked very hard researching and developing a pomade that I liked.  After doing multiple questionnaires to find out everyones' preference between water based vs oil based pomades it was determined that water based was definitely preferred for the majority of people.

For those of you that aren't sure what the difference between water vs oil based pomades I will tell you.  Oil based pomades are generally used by people who are looking for the ultimate control, those are the guys that have great big pompadour and tall hair (like the one in the picture).  They are amazing for control but they are extremely difficult to wash out (water and oil) and often require a special type of shampoo and several washes. Water based pomades are the opposite they wash out very easily while still giving you a decent hold.

Soapy Bathman Water Based Pomades are available in Light and Medium Holds.  Light is perfect for people with thin hair that don't need a lot of control just something to keep their hair in place without weighing it down.  Medium hold (which is what I use) is perfect for someone that needs more control and without the crunchy feel of a gel.  Both my pomades are a medium shine to give a great look and feel.

You can check them out here



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I totally agree with difficulty of washing oil based pomades but what I usually do is wash my hair with a bath soap then follow it through with a regular shampoo. You also need to avoid using it everyday to prevent hair damage.

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